Digital Textile Printer Info Sessions!

Would you like to have access to the Digital Textile Printer?

To gain access for the spring semester you must attend one of the two information sessions listed below. They take about 45 minutes and you will learn about printing procedures, requirements, where to buy your fabric and how to sign up for time slots.

You will not be allowed to access the digital textile printer unless you sign up with the Fiber Technician, Kendra Hebel to attended one of these sessions.  Please contact her at

Info Session Dates for Spring 2014

  • Friday January 24th  12:00pm
  • Friday February 7th   12:00pm


Art Tech Center 3rd floor

***Please do not purchase any fabric or supplies before attending an info session. The digital textile printer is reserved solely for the Digital Pattern and Print Class in the fall semester. This training will give you access during the spring semester only. ***

Winter Break Fiber Dept Access Policy

As the Fall semester comes to a close please take a moment to review the Fiber Dept Access Policy over Winter Break. Thank you! -Fiber Staff

Winter Break Fiber Dept Access Policy

1.) The Fiber classrooms and studio spaces are closed to students over winter break (the last day to use facilities is December 20th at 4pm). Only seniors can access their personal studios over winter break as long as a security guard is present to let them in during the building hours established by campus safety. The building hours will be sent to us soon by campus safety.

2.) Seniors will have access to room S205 only as an alternative work space. All other communal studio spaces and classrooms are closed for the duration of the break
3.) Room Closures and Tool Access: The following rooms are closed to all students, including seniors.
  • The Tool Crib will be closed for the duration of winter break. Please understand that seniors will have access to their studios but we will not be checking any items out of the Tool Crib over winter break. We need this time to take inventory, order missing items and prepare for the spring semester. 
  • The Dye Kitchen will be closed due to renovations. A new stove will be installed during this time and students no longer have access to the dye auxiliaries. (Students have only paid for consumable materials for the Fall Semester which ends Dec.20th The dye kitchen will be accessible again once the spring semester beings and general studio costs for consumable materials are paid.)  
  • Classrooms S206 and S201 are closed. These classrooms are used as a prep and storage space for class materials for the spring semester, plus the lockers need to be repaired.
  • The Weaving Loft is also closed for maintenance and repairs.

News – International Collaboration: Wearable Technology

9-6266-13_IDA_on_mannequinLast year, Tong Su, a MICA MFA ill. grad ’13 who participated in the Unravel the Code residency and exhibition in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in January ’13 as part of the joint class with Willem de Kooning Academie called International Collaboration:Wearable Technology.

 Her origami self assembly garments received a silver award from IDA (International Design Award)!!!!!

Congratulations Tong Su!

Here is the link:



Hello All,

Welcome to the Fiber Department website! I hope you all had a great summer there have been a lot of renovations and improvements in the Fiber Dept since you have been away.

If you are new to the dept please take some time to browse the and familiarize yourself with the information that has been posted on the site. We post class schedules, staff schedules, contact information, information about grants, internships, competitions, items that are sold from the Fiber Dept. on the voucher list, the student handbook and more!

Studio Updates:

All of the windows on the 2nd floor of the Mount Royal Station Building have been repainted.

The Tool Crib is reorganized and now partially extends to the new Media Room Closet. Listen for updates during your Tech Talk on the first day of class. Also, please note that it may take a couple of weeks before the Tool Crib schedule is ready. It takes time to coordinate with work study students to compile the schedule. If you have work study hours available and are interested in working in the Tool Crib please contact Michelle Edwards-Longway at to see if time slots are available and apply for the job with Financial Aid directly.

There have also been renovations in the Dye Kitchen. We now have a new stainless steel cabinet and counter top arrangement around the stove. The new set up is much easier to clean and a great storage space for the pots, pans and dyes that are used in many of the classes taught in our department.

Also, last but not least! The 3rd floor fiber studios above the dye kitchen have been repainted and now have new lighting! New stainless steel sinks have been installed in the 3rd floor studios and on the 2nd floor near room S205.

We are all very excited to begin the fall semester and look forward to having you all here again!


The Fiber Dept Staff